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Zen Yoga Strap


Zen Yoga Strap


The Zen Yoga Strap is a unique 3-loop yoga / progress strap designed with a convenient handle to help improve flexibility and achieve a deeper, more meaningful stretch. The strap was created to help our dear friend, Julie, achieve the full depth of certain yoga poses and stretches. What began as a desire to help a friend has transformed into opportunities to help increase the ease of daily stretching and counter the impacts of sedentary lifestyles.  

Endorsed by Certified Yoga Practitioners, Athletes and Executives, the Zen Yoga Strap can easily be incorporated into regular, daily stretching while in the office, at your desk, at home, or while traveling.

The Details: 

Located: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Where to Buy: Online on Amazon or here

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Zen Yoga Strap

12304 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90025

P: 866-936-3569