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White Lion Tea


White Lion Tea


White Lion is a lifestyle brand… a beverage brand well-noted for creating luxury tea programs with highly styled packaging and presentation accessories. White Lion is served in some of the world's finest hotels, resorts, and casinos along with cruise lines and spas.

Recent brand additions include White Bamboo and White Lion Wellness. White Bamboo is an inspired collection of teas that is 100% organic, responsibly sourced, Fair Trade when possible, and green. The Wellness line is carefully crafted to support well-being and promote a healthy lifestyle. All company profits help support our Pride Mission.

The Details: 

Located: Scottsdale, Arizona

Where to Buy: Online.

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White Lion Tea

15941 N. 77th St. Ste. 3 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

P: (480) 607-5300