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Stride, Inc.


Stride, Inc.


Stride Inc., is a nationally recognized business for integrated employment of adults with Special Needs. We do this by selling office products. Our brands; Schneider Pens, QuickFit Binders, EasyFit, Primo, Aurora Casemade Products and Stride Write. Our products are strategically placed at office product retailers and online throughout the USA.

Ask for Stride wherever you buy office products. Your support of Stride helps us maintain a mission to employ adults with Special Needs. Located in Albuquerque, NM, since 1981, the name Stride was trademarked in 1982 and was chosen because integrated employment allows Special Needs adults to make strides in their development and contribute meaningfully to our community.

The Details: 

Located: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Where to Buy: Office Depot & OfficeMax Retail Stores (Schneider Pens Only), Staples, and Amazon.

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Stride, Inc.

1021 Carlisle Blvd., SE Albuquerque, NM

P: (505) 232-3201