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Olen Cosmetics


Olen Cosmetics

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Majda started Olen Cosmetics to formulate and manufacture all-natural products for babies and children. Her most notable product is the multi-award winning Baby Butz cream which she developed to care for her severely disabled child. The formulation heals a multitude of skin conditions and a large number of adults were purchasing the product side brand under the name of Supraderm. Building on their success, Olen is expanding to include a full line of all-natural skin care products for global consumers. Olen products have no synthetic or chemical ingredients, no artificial fragrances, and no dyes. None of the products have been tested on animals and each comes with a complete description of its contents.

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Located: East St. Paul, MB, Canada 

Where to Buy: Buy online.

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Olen Cosmetics
East St. Paul, MB, Canada

(t) 1-877-494-4313
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