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New Year’s Resolution: Focus on Nutrition with Women Owned

New Year’s Resolution: Focus on Nutrition with Women Owned


Happy New Year! Here at Women Owned, we are positive that 2019 will be our best year yet.

The start of a new year is a great time for a fresh start and to set new goals, intentions, and resolutions. We are here to help with our New Year’s Resolution Round-Up series featuring women-owned products to help you get a fresh start.

This week, discover Women Owned products to help you focus on nutrition and health in 2019.

Focus on Nutrition with Women Owned

Get your Fruits & Veggies


LemonKind offers two unique lines of innovatively delicious juices and teas that are all-natural, preservative-free, and 100% good-for-you. Their juices and teas are infused with organic botanical superfoods like turmeric, acerola, chia seeds, whole-grain brown rice and cinnamon. Try our favorite juices Tumeric Carrot Gingerade or Chlorella Infused Greens. Also try their LemonKind Detox Me pack for a one or three day cleanse to kick start your renewed commitment to nutrition!

Green Mustache  

With a motto “Greens for all, big & small” you know you’ll be getting nutrients to help your body—not harm it. Try their organic fruit and veggie juice smoothies and gluten-free, dairy-free plant-packed snacks. They also donate 1% of sales to Vitamin Angels and prioritize zero food waste.

Firouzeh’s Foods

MultiGen Purees are made with naturally gluten free ingredients and are free of any salt, sweetener, dairy, soy, corn, nuts or oil without compromising flavor. MultiGen Purees have been designed for anyone ranging from babies to seniors, but especially for those who have special dietary needs, have difficulty swallowing, chewing or digesting conventional meals or are on a soft food or liquid diet. They are made of a blend of vegetables, herbs, grains, legumes and spices fitting easily into the health conscious on-the-go diet, thanks to the travel-friendly packaging.

Natalie’s Orchid Island Organics

Grab a few of these colorful bottles of clean, handcrafted juices. Of course, Natalie's Orchid Island offers the classic flavors like orange, grapefruit, or lemonade, but don't be afraid to try some of the newer flavors, like carrot-ginger, pumpkin-apple spice, or orange-beet. 

Super-foods and Supplements

MacroLife Naturals

MacroLife Naturals offer superfood powders including greens and fruit supplements as well as protein-packed meal replacements. Their philosophy is to find the purest, non-allergenic ingredients in the world and blend them into synergistic formulas that promote health and wellness.

Herbal Papaya

Herbal Papaya manufactures health and wellness products from organic superfruits like papaya, graviola, bamboo and guava. Their teas, extracts and supplements have a wide variety of health benefits like digestion, immunity, blood support, hair loss and more. Ten percent of all their profits are donated to support education for girls in Africa.


NADI makes organic wild rosehip antioxidant beverages high in Vitamin C. NADI partners with refugees to create a cooperative where refuges collect, harvest, clean and prepare all the rosehips for their beverage. This provides a stable income for refugees and growth opportunities for the communities of the country of Georgia where the rosehips are harvested.

10th Avenue Tea

10th Avenue Tea makes all natural instant matcha tea powder to enjoy hot or cold without single use packaging reducing packaging waste created with each cup. With flavors like green tea, chai tea, tropical and more, make your matcha tea conveniently with the tea powder shaker bottle.

Olive Seed

Olive Seed is more than a maker of supplements and teas, they approach nutrition and health to assure that all of the body's systems are functioning optimally. Try their Body Chemistry Analysis service that determines both genetic and acquired deficiencies for customized lifestyle planning including whole-food supplements, custom loose tea blends and handmade beauty products.

Prioritize Protein

Base Culture

Don’t skip breakfast – the most important meal of the day! Try Base Culture nut butters for a protein-packed meal or snack with flavors like cinnamon, maple and gingerbread almond butters, so you won’t feel like you’re missing any flavor in your healthy breakfast or snacks.


BudiBars are super-food nutrition bars specifically formulated to enhance mental focus and provide sustained energy. Their mission is to provide gourmet food that enhances brain function and much more. Try all five flavors from walnut to cacao.


Keep these protein-packed cookies on hand for a protein packed snack. They are vegan, gluten-friendly, dairy-free, have soy-free options, high in super-foods, and energy-packed.

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