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Bloody Mary Hot Wings

Bloody Mary Hot Wings

hot wings.jpeg

Prep Time: 60 min.

Cook Time: 60 min.


3 lbs Chicken Wings

1 tbsp. Vegetable Oil

1 tsp. Celery salt

1 tsp. Pepper

1 tsp. Garlic salt

¾ cup Brown sugar

1/2 cup Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer

3 cups Natalie’s Orchid Island Carrot Tomato Juice

½ cup Crooked Water Simple Vodka


2/3 cup Sour Cream

2 tsp. Horseradish

2 tsp. Chopped Dill


In a large bowl, combine the wings, vegetable oil, celery salt, and black pepper. Mix well. In a separate bowl, mix Fast Mary’s Blood Mary Enhancer, Natalie’s, Orchid Island Carrot Tomato Juice, brown sugar, garlic salt and Crooked Water Vodka. Pour wet mixture over wings, cover and refrigerate at least 1 hour. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Spread wings on baking sheet and bake for 45 minutes. Pour remainder of marinade into a medium saucepan and simmer over medium heat 15 minutes until reduced to a thick sauce. Brush wings with sauce and broil for 5 minutes. Serve immediately.

Meanwhile combine sour cream, horseradish and chopped dill in small bowl for dipping.

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