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13 Women Owned Products to Help You Spoil Your Pets

13 Women Owned Products to Help You Spoil Your Pets


At Women Owned, we are all about supporting women entrepreneurs. But today we also wanted to throw a bone to those special members of our family who are often the most unconditionally loving, supportive, and well, cute – our pets!

Here are some of our favorite Women Owned brands bringing you ways to spoil your furry friends while supporting women entrepreneurs. And being dog and pet lovers, we couldn’t resist sharing some photos of the good boys and girls that support our team – scroll down to meet them!



ALA Consulting | Pet Krewe
Pet Krewe offers quality and unique pet costumes for your furry friend. Stock up for Halloween or your next pet parade and help support animals. Pet Krewe gives back 10% of every purchase to animal shelters.

Cat Claws
Cat Claws has products for dogs and cats ranging from beds, toys, scratching posts, bowls, collars and grooming products. They even have a Cat Claws Club Box so your kitty will get a box of toys and surprises every other month.


Kona Benellie | Throwbee
Kona Benellie has pet blankets as well as the THROWBEE to keep you and your pet warm and comfy! As seen on the Today Show and The View, this blanket poncho will make you comfortable and feeling great because for each purchase, Kona Benellie donates a blanket to an animal shelter for dogs and cats waiting to be adopted.

Pomchies has leash accessories and bowties for your pooch. Get a pomchie for yourself to match your pet! A portion of each pet product purchase is donated to an animal charity each quarter.

TruDog was inspired by a desire to provide nutrition to dogs like the nutrition we strive to give ourselves to stay healthy. They offer dog food, treats, and supplements, and also have grooming and dental products, toys, and accessories for you and your pet.

Plaque Buster
Plaque Buster for Dogs is a tool for plaque remover and gum simulator for dogs. This BPA and latex free tool is safe and gentle to use on your canine buddies. Bonus: they even have a version for you


Portland Pet Food.PNG

Portland Pet Food Company
Portland Pet Food Company makes all-natural dog food and biscuits with no preservatives or hormones. Feel great about your purchase because you are feeding your dog nutritious ingredients and 5% of their profits go to local non-profit animal shelters.

Biscuit Bob’s Dog Treats
Biscuit Bob’s makes healthy, nutritious dog treats that are all free of wheat, corn and soy. With five flavors, your dog is sure to have a favorite or two.

Dogs Love Kale.PNG

Wet Noses
Wet noses bakes USDA Certified Organic dog treats with human-grade ingredients. They believe “if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t feed it to your dog.” They offer crunchy treats, jerky, training treats, dehydrated fruit, veggie pieces and dog food.

Dogs Love Kale
Dogs Love Kale provides natural, gluten free treats that are packed with superfoods for your pooch. They offer crunchy and soft treats with many flavors to treat your pet while giving them vitamins and antioxidants.






PetCakes is a microwaveable pet treat to treat your pet on special days! Wheat, corn and soy free with no preservatives make these fast, fun treats great for your pup. In addition to the original PetCakes kits for your dogs’ and cats’ birthdays, they offer frozen yogurt treats too.

Rush Direct
Rush Direct has several treat brands for your dog and cat including Ultra Chewy, Pop’n Bites, Prime Taste Treats, Ferrera Farms, Lucky Dog, Green Cow and Snacken Bone. You can find a treat for every occasion including jerky, dental, training, rawhide, chewy and cookie treats.

TBD Brands | Yoghund
Yoghund makes treats for dogs with digestive health in mind. They make treats and frozen yogurt packed with probiotics to improve your pup’s digestion. Your pet will want to try all the low-calorie flavors including banana and peanut butter and apple juice and cheddar.

Give A Doggy A Bone
Give A Doggy A Bone makes all natural, homemade dog treats including gluten free, chicken and peanut butter flavors. They even make dog bandannas to dress up your four-legged friends. They give back in numerous ways to local animals and animal shelters through donations.

BONUS: Looking for a Daycare, Groomer or trainer in the New Hampshire or Scottsdale, AZ area? Check out The Barking Dog women-owned boarding facilities.

Women Owned Team Pets

Remi May| loves birds, balls & snuggling

Remi May| loves birds, balls & snuggling

Wrigley | loves her little “brother” Oliver, carrots, and long walks

Wrigley | loves her little “brother” Oliver, carrots, and long walks

Curtis | loves hikes in the woods, naps in the sun, and anything remotely edible

Curtis | loves hikes in the woods, naps in the sun, and anything remotely edible

Soleil | loves belly rubs, eating & Melvin (her favorite toy)

Soleil | loves belly rubs, eating & Melvin (her favorite toy)

Samoa | loves peanut butter, playing fetch, and chasing squirrels

Samoa | loves peanut butter, playing fetch, and chasing squirrels


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