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Host a Women Owned Wine Night

Host a Women Owned Wine Night

Talk about two birds with one stone: host your friends for a night of wine tastings and pairings and support women entrepreneurs! We have gathered our favorite Women Owned wines, bites, and accessories to help you throw the perfect Women Owned wine night.

1. Wine

First and foremost, you’ll need some wines to taste. Choose from some of our favorite Women Owned wines below. Depending on your crowd, make sure to get a few reds, a few whites, and maybe a rosé or dessert wine. Remember each bottle has about 4-5 glasses so make sure to get enough for your crowd (allow for at least ½ a bottle per person so everyone can taste a few wines).





coppertops wine marker papers.png

2. Accessories & Setup

Now that you’ve got your wine, you’ll need to set up your tasting. Wash and dry your glasses the day before so they are nice and spotless. We recommend allowing 3-4 glasses per person so you don’t have to rinse and dry glasses between pours. Make sure everyone can tell their glasses apart with drink markers! Set out some cute and colorful glass markers from Nod Products or paper glass identifiers from Coppertops.

coppertops wine placemat.gif

Get a Coppertops wine tasting place mat for each guest so they can take notes on their favorites. (Coppertops also has tasting coasters. If your feeling extra fancy, grab a set for each of your guests.)

Set up your areas for each wine, gathering the reds, whites, and others together. Use Coppertops wine stain folding cards as markers for each area. This way you can place snacks that pair well with these wines in each area.

3. Snacks

What’s the second most important part of a wine party? Snacks! Besides having something to nibble on while sipping, great pairings can really elevate the taste of any wine. Pick up a few wooden cheeseboards from Mozzarella Company to elevate your table presentation. Check out this robust wine and cheese pairing list from On The Rocks Wine & Spirits. For an eclectic mix of snacks, include crackers, savory nuts/olives, fruits, cheeses, and jams/honeys. We’ve gathered our favorite Women Owned products for your cheese board below.


Savory Nuts and Olives



Jams and Honeys

coppertops wine towel.png

If you have any wine left over, use Nod Products wine stoppers and store the bottles in the fridge. These cute stoppers also make for great party favors! Want to let your guests take home extra bottles? Get Nod Products wine bags or Coppertops flour sack bottle wraps – the flour sack bottle wraps double as a kitchen towel later.

Lastly, make sure you have plenty of Wine Away red wine stain remover on hand in case of spills! This is the ultimate key to a stress-free host.

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