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Host a Women Owned Gift Exchange

Host a Women Owned Gift Exchange

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The holidays are often a time when we are stretched thin and buying lots of gifts. This year, simplify the process with a Women Owned gift exchange! Whether you choose to host a Secret Santa or White Elephant-style exchange, the purchasing parameters and spending limit will have everyone more at ease and able to enjoy the fact they are supporting women entrepreneurs this holiday season!

Planning the Exchange:

  1. Determine who will be participating in the gift exchange and set a date for the gathering (this should be at least a few weeks later to give everyone a chance to find the perfect Women Owned gift!).

  2. Set a price limit for the gifts and make sure it is communicated to all participants.

  3. Choose your gift exchange style – Secret Santa or White Elephant.

    • If you choose Secret Santa, place all participants names in a hat and have everyone draw a name. The name each person draws is who they will purchase their gift for. A few weeks later at the exchange, everyone will open their gifts and guess who their Secret Santa is.

    • If you choose White Elephant, everyone brings a gift (not for any particular person) and at the exchange draw and trade the presents. At the exchange, determine a playing order – an easy way is to draw numbers. The first player chooses and opens a gift. The second player can steal the gift from player one or choose to open a new gift. If a player’s gift is stolen, they can choose to steal a different gift or open a new one. This goes on until all gifts have been opened and all players have had a turn. Once a gift has been stolen twice, it is frozen and can no longer be stolen by anyone. Read more in depth rules here.

Purchasing Women Owned Gifts:

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Hosting the Party:

You’ll want to stock up on Women Owned snacks and wine for your guests to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry during the gift exchange!

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