Resources for Supporters

Thank you for helping us build a movement of support for Women Owned businesses! Achieving equality in the world of commerce will require each of us to be more conscious of our buying decisions, while using our voice and platforms to encourage our friends, family and colleagues to do so as well.

Here’s how you can help:

Buy Women Owned

Support Women Owned businesses by exercising your purchasing power and choosing to buy Women Owned products. 

  • Find products and businesses online in the Women Owned Business Directory.

  • Look for the Women Owned Logo on storefronts, product labels, and websites.

  • When you find or purchase from a Women Owned business, share on social media using the hashtag #BuyWomenOwned to spread the word!

Make a Statement of Support

Let the world know you support women business owners! Remember to tag us so we can feature your posts. Here are some sample posts for inspiration:

  • I #BuyWomenOwned products to support gender parity in the world of commerce. Join the movement: #InvestInWomen #WomenOwned

  • I commit to #BuyWomenOwned products to support women entrepreneurs. Join the movement: #InvestInWomen #WomenOwned

  • I am supporting women-owned businesses by shopping their products. Join the movement: #BuyWomenOwned #InvestInWomen #WomenOwned  

  • Join the movement to #BuyWomenOwned to support women-owned businesses. Join the movement: #InvestInWomen #WomenOwned

Share with Friends, Family and Colleagues

The best way you can help use build a movement of support for Women Owned businesses is to

Follow Women Owned on Social

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