About the Products

A staple for every home with kids (and especially on Christmas morning!), Toydriver is a small, battery operated screwdriver specifically for those pesky screws on all toy battery covers, a problem experienced by parents globally. Toydriver’s magical-sized Phillips and flathead bits replace small to medium-sized screwdrivers, making it an all-in-one solution. Kids get back to having fun faster with a quick and easy way to change their toys’ batteries, which also means toys are no longer put out to pasture because of a dead battery. Toydriver’s long and narrow bit reaches recessed screws perfectly, with the right amount of power that won’t strip small screws. Toydriver is an affordable, impulse upsell that also helps drive battery sales.

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Company Background

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Toydriver is 100% owned by Lauren Levy, who has extensive experience innovating and bringing to market problem-solving products for parents. Toydriver was founded when Lauren’s 3 little ones let their bubble guns run down the battery for the umpteenth time. Looking for an easier way than elbow grease to pop in new batteries, Lauren couldn’t find a solution that wouldn’t strip the small screws on all of the toys and get the job done quickly. Toydriver first came to market for holiday 2015 into 10 major retailers and has grown exponentially since. Toydriver’s mission is to help time-strapped parents and to be sold in every store that carries toys.


Quote from CEO on being a Women Owned business

“I'm very proud and grateful to be a Women Owned business in an industry where there are so few of us. It's important that we get a chance to be seen and to succeed so that we may ultimately give back to our families and communities in a meaningful way.  Consumers today are like no other - they care where their products are made and who is making them. The Women Owned logo is a powerful tool that gives them the opportunity to directly support woman-owned businesses, and that's good for everyone.” – Lauren Levy, Founder of Toydriver
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Company Name:  Toydriver

Founded:  2015

WBENC Certified: 2017

HQ: New Rochelle, NY USA



Slogan:  Let the Fun Begin!

Retail: Bed Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, Toys R Us, Container Store, Wegmans, Staples, JC Penney, Menards, Cracker Barrell, Pat Catans