Tisanas Orquidea

About the Products

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Their suppliers are mainly Colombian farmers, from whom they buy different fruits and herbs under fair trade terms, which benefits local workers and their families, and guarantees a premium quality and detailed selection of our raw materials.

Their portfolio currently consists of:

  • Herbal natural teas in filter bags: chamomile, peppermint, cinnamon, lemon balm and basil.

  • A brown sugar cane (panela) products line: brown sugar cane in block, flavored brown sugar cane in little cubes and instant brown sugar cane powder which is an excellent refined sugar substitute as a healthier and economical option.

  • Black and green tea in filter bags.

  • Functional teas

As the first Colombian enterprise to be certified as Women Owned, it represents for us, our perseverance on positioning and internationalizing our brand and the amazing support we have received from WEConnect International and the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce.

Having the Women Owned Logo on our products’ packing has given us several opportunities to introduce our business to important national and international clients as it is a well-known and trustworthy certification.

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Company Background

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Tisanas Orquidea Ltd is a Colombian company founded in 1983. Since the beginning, their main purpose has been to establish themselves as a company of herbal and tea bagged beverages with a focus on excellence and high quality.

The company has established strict quality control for their production process, achieving excellence in their manufacturing and satisfying the demanding requirements for national and international markets.


Quote from CEO on being a Women Owned business

“Since 2014 we have been involved with WEConnect International. Being part of it has been edifying for us. We have received several trainings and attended forums related to different topics about the importance of the role we play in society as businesswomen.

WEConnect International trade shows have been a unique opportunity for expanding our networks and meeting potential customers and suppliers from all over the globe.

Hopefully, every Colombian businesswoman gets involved with WEConnect International to boost her enterprise development and growth. It’s a great opportunity and experience.”
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Company Name:  Tisanas Orquidea

Founded:  1983

WBENC Certified: 2015

HQ: Bogota, Colombia

Website:  www.orquideainfusiones.com (Under construction)

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Tisanas-Orquidea-LTDA-604224252939534/

Slogan:  La esencia de lo natural (Essence of the natural)

Retail: Tisanas Orquidea Ltd sells its products in Colombian commercial chain stores and has distributors nationwide to reach all Colombian households.

Our main clients:

-Pricesmart https://shop.pricesmart.com/

-Almacenes Éxito http://www.exito.com/

- Supermercados Carulla http://www.carulla.com/

- Supermercados Olimpica http://www.olimpica.com/

-Almacenes Colsubsidio http://www.colsubsidio.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=51&Itemid=109