About the Products

We manufacture award winning premium spirits (XIII KINGS Vodka, Pelican Harbor Rum, Pelican Harbor Black Rum, Andrew John’s Gin, Crooked Fox Bourbon), Closet Freak White wine, and ready-to-drink cocktails called BuzzBallz. This year we also started making private label brands for other liquor companies as well as non-alcoholic energy drinks in addition to our own brands. We are FDA certified, as well as Kosher Certified. Our products are distributed with major liquor distribution companies around the world, and carried at most major liquor stores in the U.S. Find a store.

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Company Background

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BuzzBallz/Southern Champion is a Distillery/Winery manufacturing company in Dallas, that specializes in making ready-to-drink cocktails (BuzzBallz), as well as premium spirits like vodka, rum, gin and bourbon. We import/export wines and spirits, and also manufacture private label brands. We sell in over 40 states in the US to grocery, liquor, convenience stores, arenas and airlines. Major customers include Walmart, Total Wine & More, Meijers, Ralph's, Kroger, American Airlines Center, Spirit Airlines and Cebu Pacific Airlines. Our next step is to expand into the international market and we are selling to Bermuda, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines.


Quote from CEO on being a Women Owned business

“Having a vision, and seeing it in your mind, working through every detail, and having the tenacity to make it work, takes a lot of faith in yourself. Even when family and friends discourage you, sometimes you have to make life changes out of necessity, because the alternative is not acceptable. Each mistake gets you one step closer to becoming an expert”


Company Name:  BuzzBallz / Southern Champion LLC

Founded:  2009

WBENC Certified: 2016

HQ: Dallas, Texas, USA




Slogan:  BuzzBallz - Have a Ball!!, Southern Champion - Premium Quality, Exceptional Style

Retail: We are sold in 40 US states plus some international countries (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bermuda), in liquor stores, convenience stores, grocery stores as well as arenas like American Airlines Center, and Airlines like Spirit Air, and Cebu Pacific in the Philippines. Find a store.