Blume Honey Water

About the Products:

Blume Honey Water offers artisanal waters crafted with 100% bee-friendly honey, natural flavors & a passion for life.  We believe in the power of honey. We believe in its quenching hydration and natural spike-less energy. We believe in its elegant sweetness that kisses every drop of our refreshing artisan waters.  In today’s world of overly sweetened, artificial beverages, natural alternatives are few and far between.  We found the key in the rich, golden nectar that is pure honey.


Ginger Zest

Suspend reality and spend a moment savoring the bright, full-bodied flavor of our Ginger Zest Blume Honey Water. Three forms of ginger create layers of delicious complexity and lead the way to a lingering finish of sophisticated spice and invigorating natural energy.

Ingredients: ginger infused water, honey, fresh ginger juice, lemon juice

Wild Blueberry

Delight awaits in every drop of our tantalizing Wild Blueberry Blume Honey Water. Let succulent blueberries, fragrant herbs and pure, golden honey transport your taste buds to a lush, sun-kissed countryside where temptation grows wild and splendor comes by the sip.

Ingredients: water, honey, dried blueberries, natural flavorings (rosemary, black peppercorn, and grapefruit)

Vanilla Citrus

Hello, harmony. Like a dewy honeysuckle garden at dawn, our Vanilla Citrus Blume Honey Water is crisp, fresh and impossible to resist. This captivating combination of tastes is as curious as it is complementary to the floral notes of our exclusive bee-friendly honey blend.

Ingredients: water, honey, natural flavorings (vanilla, grapefruit, wild orange, citrus), lemon juice

Company Background: How Blume Blossomed

Honey and water. It’s a wonderfully hydrating, energizing combination that dates back to the first Olympics where the athletes used it to fuel their feats.

Our honey water journey began when beverage specialist Michele Meloy Burchfield was approached by Joe Ross, a sports coach at a Pennsylvania boarding school, who had been mixing honey with water to create a natural hydration and energy alternative for his athletes. Michele was instantly intrigued with the concept and instinctively knew there was a way to make honey water much more playful on the palate and brought it to longtime friend and globally recognized brand strategist, Carla Frank.

For two years, the duo studied honey, its benefits and the beautiful bees that make it. Their joint passion soon blossomed into Blume Honey Water, a line of naturally energizing, elegantly hydrating waters that delight the palate and build awareness around bee sustainability. Welcome to the sweetest way to savor life together.

"There is nothing more satisfying than the power of a team, and more inspiring than a team of women working cohesively and creatively together to achieve the same goals. As a women owned business we strive to achieve our business goals through a culture of significant business acumen, assertiveness and partnerships with our customers. We truly believe in Living in Full Blume and providing an environment for everyone to achieve their full potential as part of our Blume Honey Water team."


Company Name:  Blume Honey Water, LLC
Founded: 2015
WBENC Certified: 2016
HQ: Pittsburgh, PA
Slogan:  Live in Full Blume
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