Bixby & Co.


Bixby bars are intended to combine nutritious ingredients with culinary expertise to offer a “delight for the health-conscious chocolate connoisseur.” The ingredients are all-natural or organic, free of GMOs and additives, and purchased from green and fair-trade sources. Kate’s family history and personal travel experiences have influenced the unique combinations of exotic ingredients. Bixby bars are available in a variety of unique flavors and are vegan-friendly.


Bixby & Co. was founded by Kate McAleer. Kate’s life experiences, strong relationships with her family and community, and active, health-conscious lifestyle have all contributed to Bixby chocolate. The Bixby name comes from her adventurous and hardworking greatgrandparents, Lillian and William K. Bixby. Their incredible devotion to family and community, as well as their adventurous spirit, carried down to Kate’s generation and eventually led her to study abroad in France and China. The cultural immersion experience opened her heart to exotic cuisines and spices, which have inspired her creative recipes. After graduate school, Kate pursued her passion of combining cultural history with the culinary arts. She earned diplomas in pastry arts and culinary management from the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), Manhattan, and certificates from Ecole Chocolate, Vancouver. Kate’s biggest inspiration comes from her mother’s determination to beat breast cancer. Her mother’s courageous example significantly influenced Kate’s mission.

“As a young woman entrepreneur with two years of certification, I have found what WBENC has to offer from education, certification, and potential business opportunities key in the development of Bixby & Co. Women are becoming more and more conscious of the food they purchase—where it is from, who is making it, and what comprises it. Bixby Bars fill a void in the candy sector so that women can indulge healthfully, and without the empty calories.”

-Kate McAleer


Company Name: Bixby & Co.
Founded: 2011
WBENC-Certified: 2013
Headquartered: Rockland, Maine
Twitter Media: @BixbyBar
Retail: Amazon,,, Bixby company website, Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts, Natural Food Stores