Debbie Lynn

About the Product

Debbie Lynn, Inc. consists of 7 different product lines. 

  • Inktech is a line of super smooth writing instruments.
  • Create Your Own is a line of children’s arts materials.
  • Stationery Take-Out is a line of stationery options for the home, office or classroom.
  • Debbie Lynn Signature offers top quality, high performance and value-oriented everyday products.
  • Cuteriffic is a fun and functional product line using animal shapes, colors, feathers, etc.
  • STO was created as an extension of the Stationery Take-Out and hi-Voltage FX lines and offers sleek, contemporary designs of classic desk items. 
  • Hi-Voltage FX is a line of products that are bright, bold, eye-catching, electrifying neon colors. 

About the Company

Debbie Melnick created Debbie Lynn, Inc. in 1998. She inevitably followed in her father, Norman Melnick’s footsteps after having spent several years learning the ins and outs of his company, Pentech International, Inc. Debbie was exposed to her father’s business at a young age when was recruited as the “official” product tester. She eventually moved her way up through the ranks and grasped a solid understanding of the process of manufacturing, packaging and shipping pens and markers. Debbie Lynn, Inc. began its journey with a single item; a musical pen. With her deep roots in the stationery industry, Debbie quickly connected with major U.S. retail customers and has since expanded the company’s product line beyond writing instruments and into arts and crafts, office, novelties, and back to school items. Debbie recalls her greatest challenge arose when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2005. She attributes her father’s influence and her experience as an entrepreneur to helping her overcome the obstacles of this disease. After her diagnosis, Debbie not only made it her mission to fight the disease, but created avenues within her company to assist in this battle. Debbie Lynn, Inc. is currently creating a variety of products that will be designed to raise awareness of MS and the proceeds of which, will be used in the fight for a cure.

“The right pen can change a life. Give someone the right tools they need to be creative, and magic happens. My mission is to create products and tools that help children and adults alike create the world around them. “

“The Women Owned logo allows us to connect with women around the world. It helps mothers, sisters, and grandmothers become stronger by supporting one another.”

-Debbie Melnick

Company at-a-glance

Founded: 1998
WBENC-Certified: 2011
Headquartered: Sparks, MD
Twitter: @debbielynninc
Slogan: Create the World Around You®
Retail: Walmart, Five Below, Big Lots, Dollartree, Kroger, Fred Meyer