Ken Paves: You Are Beautiful


The Ken Paves You Are Beautiful™ hair care line was born from Ken Paves’ nearly 20 years as a celebrity hair stylist and beauty industry expert, and his belief that every woman should have access to salon-quality hair care products.  The product assortment ranges from shampoos and conditioners for different need states to styling products.  This hair care line is meant to inspire all women, everywhere, to celebrate and enhance their natural beauty with affordable, luxurious hair care products that provide solutions for the most talked-about hair care concerns.  Because we care deeply about you and your hair, Ken Paves You Are Beautiful™ is made with pure, plant-based ingredients and 100% essential oils, without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, neurotoxins, aluminum, glycols or synthetic fragrances and dyes. The Ken Paves You Are Beautiful™ line is made with 100% essential oils which serve as a natural fragrance, no synthetic fragrances are added.

About the Company

Lynn Tilton is not only the Founder and CEO of Ken Paves You Are Beautiful™, she is also the Founder and CEO of Patriarch Partners LLC, an investment firm managing investments in more than 75 companies across 14 industry sectors. Ms. Tilton is passionate about saving American jobs by saving American companies. Since 2000, through affiliated investment funds, Tilton has had ownership in and restructured more than 240 companies with combined revenues in excess of $100 billion, representing more than 675,000 jobs.  Lynn Tilton co-developed the Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Brand™ with Ken Paves, celebrity hair stylist and beauty industry expert.

"It is well known that more than 80% of purchasing decisions are made by women. And I believe that women will appreciate the opportunity to acknowledge and support women owned businesses as we know that our destinies will change when we offer widespread support for each other."

–Lynn Tilton


Company Name: Ken Paves You Are Beautiful™
Main Products: Hair Care
Founded: 2014
Headquartered: Los Angeles, CA
WBENC-Certified: 2014
Retail: online and Walmart
Made in the USA